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There are many perks that can be attained by donating to the server.  You can donate any amount to the server and in return, you will receive in game credits. However, one credit equals €1.  The in game shop has many items that you can choose from according to the amount of credits you have.


There are four in game packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can purchase any of these packages for the amount of days you wish, and it depends on how much credits you got.


For receiving the discord/forum premium status, you have to donate at least 5 euros. Donating any amount below that will reward in game credits only and not additional VIP status.


Donation details

Click here

Client username: ahmedh2o1999


Confirming your donation

After donating to the server, send a private message to any of the co owners or higher with the proof of donation to confirm your payment, then you will receive in game credits according to the amount you donated + forum/discord premium status in case you donated 5 euros or more.


In game VIP shop (/vshop)






VIP Packages (/vcmds)



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