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  1. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan Inactivities & Name Change

    Thanks for your work. GL
  2. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    List has been update
  3. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan Warning's.

    [KICK] [SSG]Sniper_Boy has been blacklisted from the clan without any notification. Reason for blacklist is listed below 1- Using cheats (Aimbot) 2- Immature player. 3- Kicked SSG members without reason.
  4. Every mission you post has been completed confirmed
  5. mission completion confirmed
  6. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    Kamel [Kicked] due Banning History/ ban evading altis1.8 [Kicked] due to inactivity. [DW4]Tawgara [Kicked] due to inactivity. Gunther [Kicked] due to inactivity. BrNas [Kicked] due to inactivity. ______________________________________________________________ As_Joker [PROMOTED] to leader [5], Congratulation. Pop [PROMOTED] to corporal [2], Congratulation. ______________________________________________________________
  7. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    Mini Games

  8. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    MWP - Most wanted players

    Nice work ezio.
  9. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    Sniper_Boy has been promoted to leader [5] Yashas has been promoted to sergeant [3] Kamel has been promoted to corporal [2] /congratulation.
  10. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    nomm Has been [Kicked] and [Blacklisted] : For leaving clan without information and he didn't even spend 1 hour in-game with clan. That_Albert_Wesker Has been [Kicked] and [Blacklisted] : Because The player is banned for Advertising And this player already had 2 chances.
  11. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    nomm Has been [joined] to clan as private [1] Golden_Claw has been [joined] to clan As Sergeant [3]
  12. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    Sniper_oy has been joined to clan as PRIVATE That_Albert_Wesker has been giving a last chance to join. being inactive without information, will add you in blacklisted
  13. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    ___________________________________________________________________________ Andesh Has been [Kicked] due to inactivity. Wish Has been [Kicked] due to inactivity. [PAK]Sufyan[SSG] Has been [Kicked] due inactivity, Also he is an immature player. Pong Has been [Kicked] due inactivity. ___________________________________________________________________________ Gunther has been [ADD] BrANS has been [ADD] [DW4]Tawgara has been [ADD] [MW4]Aevnger has been [ADD] Kieth_Saveg has been [ADD] __________________________________________________________________________ Both of [DW4]Sajwal[SSG] And [MW4]Bialawal[SSG] Removed as owners due Resignation and left samp at all __________________________________________________________________________
  14. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Application || Apply here!

    +1, But hope you will be active as well Votes needed