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  1. All applications will be given the final decision by our Applications Team in less than 48 hours Please be Patient & Welcome to TP section Alphatester
  2. Hello The following members are BLACK LISTED from joining The Tramps [TP] and they only can be allowed to join in Clan OWNERS accepted -Following members has been Blacklisted from TP: Blacklisted Members Furn Herculis Furn : (This guy has been blacklisted due to being immature and not respecting the gang members as well as disrespecting some leaders from the gang which made him STRICTLY not allowed to join it now or anytime in the future as TP don't want immature people to join it)
  3. I never got to accept or deny this applications however Mrcapo has been Accepted as Recruit, Congratulations Apply for name change and add [TP] Tag besides your name ASAP.
  4. Edit your application with the right format
  5. Apply here to join us using this format and wait for respond: Ingame name : Country name: Gender (Male/Female): Do you meet all clan requirements?: Since when are you playing the server (DD/MM/YY): Do you accept all clan rules ? (Clan rules topic link): Have you ever been banned ? if yes why? (If not N/A): Screen shot of your ingame status: Why would you like to join us ? : Why should we accept you ? : What gun are you amazing at ? (Rate yourself out of 10 using it) Make sure you read all rules & Requirements before this Note : Don't spam members to vote for you nor spam leaders to accept you Note : failing in test is an auto denied
  6. Hai Ladies and Gentlemen, here our story begin with 3 youngsters 2 boys and a girl were immigrating from an arabic country full of wars we were homeless, poor and pathetically Wandering in the streets.. How did DeadlyMagic,Alphatester and Pretty.Aeie met? DeadlyMagic and Alphatester both were born in Palestine suffered from worldwars together and they both immigrated to Southeast and there they met Pretty.Aeie as there were commotions and instability as well as tumultuous combats that uncontrolable by the Country Government so we decided to make something may collapse all of these commotions which is.. The innovation of make [Tp]The Tramps : we started dealing with Arms Dealers as we had bought very dangerous weapons, we'v chosen a spot to make it our base, there are too much civilians and victims have our belief now the Tramps are irresistible clan, enemies will have been intimidated by us we're not scaring but we are the fear inside too many insticts we don't have Alliance with no body because we don't trust anybody so we're the tyrant, the oppressor and the descrimination by itself, so do not approach from the fire so the flames don't get ya How to join us ? first you should meet all of the requirements that posted on forums, then most required things to be sociable, brave, behaving in wisdom and professionally and you give a shit towards anybody, you believe in yourself more than any thing in a world, approach from us and talk to us a lot so we can deduce your personality, fight with us in game..then wehn you become an offical member don't give a f** toward ranks just tell yourself being a Tramp with these brothers in that clan is good enough for me, be trustworthy and loyal if you betrayed us and we found out you are traitor after you get kicked from the clan and blacklisted we'll never leave you walk a half 0.5 meter in game you'll be killed 8/9 times every minute becareful and take precations The Tramps are robust even if they're not A lot. How to get fast Promotion ? First Do not ask for it, second be active daily let us every time we see you in game you are killing TP's Enemies and trying ti improve the Clan even we're offline, be professional don't fight with Staff members nor Mundane members, just let your skills talk and fight not your tongue got it ? obey superiors in the clan discuss only if you feel there's something wrong in the order or the decision that he/she gave and in that way you show professionalism and sociability and speaking skills but that doesn't mean to argue with superiors in every decision that will not be smartness from ya it'll be risk to get demotion for not obeying Superior orders Ranks&Abilities : Rank1 (Recruit): gives you no ability or power, but you'v to prove yourself professionally in the clan as well as behaving in smartness and always go into combats and gather KS with your Teammates so Superiors can see you creative. Rank2 (Member): this rank we give to the trusted meber that passed the appropriate period of being recruit and we saw him fit the position and suitable for it, being trustworthy is good enough for us and you'll be promoted as fat as possible to official member. Rank3 (Officier): gives you ability to vote in official clan wars weapons / members will participate and etc.. Rank4 (Advisor): gives you ability to assist co leaders in inviting good people / skilled / friendly and etc , as well as gives you ability to lead low ranks in collaboration with Officiers so they learen from you.. you can warn clan members if somebody does a mistake, and you have ability to promote recruits to official members when you see it's time for his promotion. Rank5 (Co Leader): you have all abilities in the clan, inviting / promoting / demoting / kicking / making offical clan wars / and you can moniter low ranks as well as you can give specific duties to Advisors so they learn how the leading goes on.
  7. Hello everyone As you might have seen our clan develope many good dmers among the server and for that we got some requirements that are developed under medium to be collected that you must have them in order to apply for our clan Those are requirements : 1 Week registered time 2 weeks of clean ban history Able to be active atleast 2 hours a day and team working Able to join Discord server At least 500 ingame score Good skills in Dm (You will be tested by DeadlyMagic) Atleast Ratio of 1.6 K/D Note: Clan leaders have the right to change the requirements whenever they find this fit Note: Applying without requirements get your application directly Denied Note: Once you get accepted you getting DM test as mentioned and you must pass it (Test is from 3 rounds and you must win 2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the most important things to follow in our gang and not following them might get you blacklisted or kicked The Tramps official rules: 1- Do Not use Any illegal program 2- Do not insult or curse a staff member / normal player 3- Do not Break a Rule both from the clan and from the server 4- Respect all clan members 5- If you were ever cough for cheating then you are blacklisted 6- Don't kill clan member/ join clan team (vip) (Alphatester will give access to it) 7- You must make name change application and add [TP] to your name once your accepted
  8. Can't we reach 50 players ? to upgrade the slots to 100 or what

    1. _tekken_


      yes you are right

      yesterday i saw there were 47 players if slots upgrade to 100 more players can join it ? 

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