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  1. In-Game-name:- DeVilll Position Held in Clan:- Leader (5) Reason for resigning:- i get no respect in the clan and the only reason is that beast is inactive unnecssary members are present and i dont think that they should be in our clan many clan members left the clan due to this reason Sry beasty Deadshot and especilly khaled will miss u all bro
  2. 1.I.G name :-DeVilll 2.Target Name :-Dhia 3.I.G Clan Rank :- Elite (3) 4.Proof/Screenshot :https://imgur.com/SDGtEM3
  3. 1.I.G name :-DeVilll 2.Target Name :- Strider 3.I.G Clan Rank :- Elite (3) 4.Proof/Screenshot :-https://imgur.com/UbC95C9
  4. 1.I.G name :-DeVilll 2.Target Name :- Viper. 3.I.G Clan Rank :- Adw Warrior(2) 4.Proof/Screenshot :-https://imgur.com/pM9jzFB 1st time https://imgur.com/r75Gnhr 2nd time https://imgur.com/hG2rwl3 3r Time
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