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  1. I'll Answer all questions in DM's On discord . Msg me
  2. Requirement's -Minimum 1,000 Battle point's. -Kills\Death ratio must be atleast 2.50 or higher. -Must be in Modern Warfare 4 for atleast 1 week. -Must have atleast 200+ Kills in game. -Death's should not be more than kills. -Must be on discord. Format [In Game Information] You're in game name:- [Answer here] You're in game battle point's:- [Answer here] You're in game KDR:- [Answer here] Why do you want to join (GAME)? (20 works min):- [Answer here] You're Previous Clan:- [Answer here] You're in game stats:- [Image here] [In Real Life Information] You're real name:- [Answer here] You're Age:- [Answer here] You're country:- [Answer Here] You're TimeZone:- [Answer here] [Weapon & Other skill's Information] Which is you're favorite weapon?:- [Answer here] What is you're skill with you're favorite weapon? [X/10]:- [Answer here] At which weapon you're are noob?:- [Answer here] You're rustler skills? [X/10]:- [Answer here] You're hydra skills? [X/10]:- [Answer here] What is level of you're cooperation with team/clan? [X/10]:- [Answer here] -
  3. Kim@ONFIRE joined the clan as Colonel
  4. If you are not in the clan and join You will get banned!
  5. ---------------------------------------------------- Members! Thanos_[TCT] ( Leader) pakboy (Leader ) T3under ( Leutinent ) Chanu_Sanej ( Leutinent ) Camtasia ( Leutinent ) iit.soares07 ( Leutinent ) 3KT ( Major ) Lebac (Major) Kim@ONFIRE ( Colonel )
  6. All Promotions , Demotions and People who join the clan Will be posted here Co/Leaders and Leaders Follow this <Name> Join the Clan TCT on <Date>
  7. To join the clan you must follow this format and answer the questions. When You Joined the server ? What are your skills? have you ever been in any other clan ?
  8. Information about this clan ? This clan was made by HaVok on another server which is closed, After some days i found a Clan Named Brotherhood On this server made by EZIO_ADITORE , I decided to Realive the clan TCT here and Renamed it To TheChaosTheory .
  9. The Official Discord of The Chaos Theory! REMOVED! I Know there are many of my friends there too but they are old , In the old server.
  10. Clan News about Members will be posted here
  11. --------------------------------- Divine Slayers
  12. The Partner Clans Of TCT will be Posted here
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