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  1. People who want to join [DS]Divine Slayers Can post here Formate :- IG-Name :- Current In-game name :- Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) :- Have you previously held any position in other clan? if so what is the reason for leaving it :- Do You Have a Discord Account ? Your Favorite weapon :- Why You Want To Join Our Community (Describe This In At Least 2 Lines) :- Screen Shot of your IG-Stats :- You hereby pledge to follow the clan rules and if you fail in any way, you are liable to be punished(YES/NO) :-
  2. Clan Money Donater From Other Clan/Our clan:- Yashas GLACE We Appreciate For Their Donations ? If,I did not add any tell me in discord https://discord.gg/sjXDDEm
  3. And Rey_misterio is Supreme for being the only active,loyal and weird player
  4. @beast :- Our clan had a massive problem assasin had made a clan and almost 5-6 members went to his clan and few came back... We also lost 14m for some reason we don't know Our clan is at the edge.... Come back fast if you can :(
  5. Assasin has left the clan Reason :- Resigned Shadow promoted to Enforcer [4] Rey_Misterio promoted to Supreme [6]
  6. Targeted Clans of the month :- 1.[eD]El Diablos. [Think they are too pro] 2.[SSG]Special Service Group. [A team of weirdo's killing everyone] Prizes :- 1.Kill [eD]'s and get 100k and 50XP 2. Kill [SSG]'s and get 130k and 70XP Method :- IG name :- IG rank :- Clan member you killed :- Proof :-
  7. Minigame of the week :- 1.Reach 10 kill spree / Prize : 35k-10Xp 2. Headshot 15 players / Prize : 50k-30Xp 3.Steal 5 prototypes / Prize 25k-20Xp Method :- IG name : IG rank ; Number Of the Mission : Proof :
  8. New Targets :- 1.[MW4]ride 2.[MW4]_Blank_[eD] 3.[MW4]Aevenora Rules :- 1.Only can post 2 pics of killing 1 target 2.No Spamming for reward you will be rewarded Extras :- 1.Knife any target.[45XP + 50k] (Normal Kill prize included) 2./Suicide any target.[40XP + 45k] (Normal Kill prize included) 3.Headshot any target.[35XP + 40k] (Normal Kill prize included) 4.Revenge Kill any target.[20XP + 20k] (Normal Kill prize included) Method:- IG name :- IG Rank :- Target Name :- Proof
  9. Promoted ----------------- KILLER7 to Elite Yashas to Elite ------------------ Kicked ------------------- NONE ---------------- Accepted Cristiano_Corleone
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