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  1. Dark Pro

    [DS] - Divine Slayers Most Wanted Players

    No MWP untill next week I will post it myself !!
  2. Dark Pro

    [DS] - Divine Slayers Most Wanted Players

    MWP has ended !!! Thank you for playing !
  3. Dark Pro

    [DS] - Divine Slayers Mini Game's

    MINIGAMES HAVE ENDED Thank you for playing
  4. Force has been KICKED from clan Reason :- Wrecking clan KDR
  5. EraZora has been DEMOTED from Supreme[6] to Leader[5] Reason :- Kicking without making sure to kick or not with other supremes
  6. Dark Pro

    [DS] - Divine Slayers Targeted Clan's

    Good Luck Everyone
  7. Dark Pro

    [DS] - Divine Slayers Most Wanted Players

    MWP And Minigames Has ended
  8. Sharukkhan has been KICKED from the clan Reason :- Noob wrecking KDR of clan
  9. Rey_Misterio has been PROMOTED to Rank :-Leader(5) Congratulations
  10. NAVID[MM] has been BANNED+BLACKLISTED from the clan Reason - Already Banned in server :v
  11. Viper. has been BLACKLISTED on the clan Reason :- Multi-Accounting t get in other clans and asking for promotions continuously
  12. tommyvc has been KICKED From the clan Reason :-Noob+Wrecking Clan KDR
  13. Dark Pro

    [DS] - Divine Slayers Most Wanted Players

    No XP and Money given Reason :-You are Supreme already -_-
  14. MWP and Minigames Have been posted
  15. [R]o[R]o[N]a[Z]oro is now the new replacement supreme until [MW4]Slayer[Beast] comes Back .