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  1. [MW4]khaled

    MWP - Most wanted players

    n Game Name :-[MW4]khaled Clan Rank :- leader [5] Screen Shot / Proof :- here https://d.top4top.net/p_1109x6ivi1.jpg https://a.top4top.net/p_11098tx523.jpg https://f.top4top.net/p_1109bzmec2.jpg
  2. InGame Name:[Mw4]khaled Mission number: 1,2,,4,5,6,8,9,10,15,16 Screenshot(Proof):
  3. [MW4]khaled

    Top 5 Players

    In game name:[MW4]khaled Position (e.g. Top #1 Killer, Top #1 Loser): Top 5 Headshotters,Top 5 Captured Zones,Highest Score,Most Jackpots Collected,,Longest Play Time,Top K/D ratio,Top 5 Rich. Screenshot of your stats:
  4. [MW4]khaled

    MWP - Most wanted players

    @[MW4][C]lementine next time i 'll go that thx for help
  5. [MW4]khaled

    MWP - Most wanted players

    n Game Name :-[MW4]khaled Clan Rank :- leader [5] Screen Shot / Proof :- here
  6. [MW4]khaled

    Mini Games

    nice work.
  7. .Your Game Nickname: [De]khaled .Country: Egypt .Discord tag[Name#0000]: .Favorite guns in game: sniper & M4 & deagle .Have you been invited by a clan member (if so, by who?): yes ,[E]zio[A]uditore .Why did you decide to join us?(2 lines minimum): I am seeing in game that This clan member is always active and help others , and i want to be a member of this great clan .Do you appreciate someone in this clan and if so, who? Islamabad and _TEKKEN[SSG] and [E]zio[A]uditore and pretty . .Did you leave any previous clan, and if so, why? (2 lines minimum)? yes, because they aren't active every day and i play alone at clan so i want to join clan which players active everyday .Have you read [SSG] rules? yes .What will be your Game nick with [SSG] Tag: [SSG]khaled .Picture of your latest in game stats: https://postimg.cc/RNKN0zYv
  8. hello guys