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  1. [MW4][C]lementine

    [SSG] || Clan Inactivities & Name Change

    Thank You guys
  2. [MW4][C]lementine

    [SSG] || Clan Inactivities & Name Change

    I could not found a section for Resign app so im posting my app here. -In-Game Nick :- [MW4][C]lementine -Clan Rank :- Founder Tbh when i joined SSG i never ever thought ill get Founder rank so fast thanks for trusting me . but i also knew that this day will come when ill resign from SSG . So, thanks for being a part of my life ill always be your good friend . Your Friendly Neighbor Hood @Clem
  3. [MW4][C]lementine

    MWP - Most wanted players

    Confirmed And Added Good Job
  4. [MW4][C]lementine

    Mini Games

    its part 1 of this mission Bored deff Easy so i think 1 day is enough .
  5. [MW4][C]lementine

    Mini Games

    Bored 1/3 Kill 10 Bots and u must be in VIP team to complete this Mission . Complete the mission max 2 times . Reward 10 xp and 10 k Take Screenshot and post it below To claim the reward. [Expires in 1 day] This time we wont take it lightly if no one participates in this event there will be consequences . Format In Game Name :- Clan Rank :- Screen Shot / Proof :-
  6. [MW4][C]lementine

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    List has been updated
  7. [MW4][C]lementine

    Mini Games

    New Mini games are Coming Soon ~~~
  8. [MW4][C]lementine

    MWP - Most wanted players

    Event Expired New list is Coming Soon ~~~
  9. [MW4][C]lementine

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    [R]o[R]onoa_Zo[R]o And Lightning both are promoted to Major [4] 1 / 13 / 2018 pop has been black Listed for leaving the clan without informing .
  10. [MW4][C]lementine

    Top 5 Players

    OMG why i was number 1 . No prob ill surpass u one day bwahahhaha
  11. [MW4][C]lementine

    MWP - Most wanted players

    confirm and added