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  1. Current-In-Game Name:- [MW4]BeAsT[DS] Current Clan Rank:- Supreme [6] Number of days you will be inactive:- From 3/3/2019 till may I'll miss u guys.
  2. Report Rejected | Reason :- Not worth anything He Just triggered you doesn't mean you will kick him or anything And He Censored What He said. Topic closed no more replies Solved.
  3. @Yashas If u have any proof in your defense or Against @Rey_Mysterio then post it. Cause im pretty sure he also would have said something back. If not then u will be warned for disrespecting higher level members. you have 24 hours to provide your evidence.
  4. @DEvilLL the second link is not working but awarded for the rest.
  5. Joined Yashas Promoted [MW4]Smily[DS] to [6] DevILL- to [3] Kicked Kicked all inactive members.
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