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  1. Sᑤᖇᙍᗅᙢ

    Clan Tournament

    My team is ready ScreaM,Tyran, P3pSy, LoTuS_, Pu$HeR_, [FAF]Nate
  2. Sᑤᖇᙍᗅᙢ

    Clan Tournament

    Lord Rage Wolf will be busy on friday
  3. Sᑤᖇᙍᗅᙢ

    Clan Tournament

    All done
  4. Sᑤᖇᙍᗅᙢ

    Clan Tournament

    In game name: ScreaM Clan name: Veterans Participants names (at least 6): ScreaM, Lord Rage Wolf, P3pSy, LoTuS_, Pu$HeR_, [FAF]Nate Weapon set (1-4): 1 Substitutions (for absent members): N/A Clan statistics screenshot https://imgur.com/a/m8EtiyX
  5. Sᑤᖇᙍᗅᙢ

    Clan Tournament

    This clan is already registered
  6. Sᑤᖇᙍᗅᙢ

    Clan Tournament

    Your ingame name : ScreaM Your clan rank (by numbers) : 6 Clan name: Veterans Are you aware that you must have atleast 3 active members: yup Do you accept all the tournament rules ? : ya Clan status (/cinfo):
  7. Sᑤᖇᙍᗅᙢ

    World Cup 2018