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  1. In-Game-name:- Curse Position Held in Clan:- Leader(5) Reason for resigning:- Well I have enjoyed my stay at this clan and its been fun for me to be a part of such clan.But now i have to leave this clan.There is no such reason to leave this clan . @darky ,@beast,@khaled @smiley @rey @seif and all of u guys i will miss u alot. i
  2. I.G Name :- Curse(10 HS) streak I.G Clan Rank :-5 leader Proof/Picture :-https://imgur.com/a/uWLF1zx
  3. In-Game nickname:Pong Clan level:6 Founder Reason for leaving:No one manages the clan and founders are not active. Any last words?:nothing
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