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  1. .Your Game Nickname: Deadshot1 .Country: Egypt .Discord tag[Name#0000]: Deadshot#4097 .Favorite guns in game: Sniper + tec-9 .Have you been invited by a clan member (if so, by who?): Yes, [MW4][E]zioauditore .Why did you decide to join us? Because this clan is full of pros and active members and [MW4][E]zioauditore has invited me . .Do you appreciate someone in this clan and if so, who? .Did you leave any previous clan, and if so, why? (2 lines minimum)? yes , Because my old clan is not active any more .Have you read [SSG] rules? Yes .What will be your Game nick with [SSG] Tag: [SSG]Deadshot .Picture of your latest in game stats: