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  1. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Application || Apply here!

    Ccongratulations you are accepted in clan as rank 1 Apply for name change with [SSG] tag
  2. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    kicks: skyjetz :inactive karen hayastan :inactive stephen :inactive LEAVINGS: zac
  3. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan Warning's.

    BLACLISTED: zac have been blacklisted from clan due to leaving without notice
  4. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    [SSG] clan is now a vip clan with vip team available for all members
  5. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    Dont talk it here plz go to clan discussion if you want to talk about anything and your rank is based on activity we have 4 owners +co owners so they will promote you if they see you active and loyal.Asking for promotion again and you will be kicked
  6. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Application || Apply here!

    +1 from me invited by me
  7. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Application || Apply here!

    .Your Game Nickname:bialwal_bhutto .Country:pakistan .Discord tag[Name#0000]:bialwal_bhutto .Favorite guns in game:sawn off and sniper .Have you been invited by a clan member (if so, by who?):@ISLAMABAD .Why did you decide to join us?(2 lines minimum)i have decided to join special service group because its no 1 clan of dw4 and ot looked to me amazing friendly members its owner very jolly .Do you appreciate someone in this clan and if so, who? tekken and islamabad .Did you leave any previous clan, and if so, why? (2 lines minimum)?no i didnt .Have you read [SSG] rules?yep .What will be your Game nick with [SSG] Tag:[SSG]bialwal_bhutto .Picture of your latest in game stats:islamabad knows