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  1. Happy Birthday .

  2. Welcome to SSG - Special Service Group ______________________________________________________________________ You MUST read the RULES before applying, best of luck! _____________________________________________________________________ Application Format: .Your Game Nickname: .Country: .Discord tag[Name#0000]: .Favorite guns in game: .Have you been invited by a clan member (if so, by who?): .Why did you decide to join us?(2 lines minimum) .Do you appreciate someone in this clan and if so, who? .Did you leave any previous clan, and if so, why? (2 lines minimum)? .Have you read [SSG] rules? .What will be your Game nick with [SSG] Tag: .Picture of your latest in game stats: Rules of SSG - Special Service Group: [Click here!] Requirements for a successful application: 1.You have to be active inGame and in the forums as well. 2.You have to be mature and helpful 3. You must have more than 1000 scores. 4. We accept players regardless of their K/D, but if it is lower than 1.00 then your skills will be tested with various weapons in duels with SSG members. 5.Any one selected in the clan will always be rank 1 except those who meet honor req ____________________________________________________________ Thank you for your application and good luck! SSG Staff!
  3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. You should use the [SSG] tag in game ( /usetag ). 2. Do not disrespect or insult any anyone. This also includes offensive comments and excessive spamming. Staff enforces this rule in the way it sees it fit; you might be subjected to a warning as well as exclusion from the clan, depending on each individual case. 3. If you get a valid ban for breaking any server rules, you'll be automatically kicked without the right to re-apply. SSG enforces the rules in the way it sees them fit. Every case is dealt with individually. Breaking those rules may lead to a warning, in worse cases also to an exclusion from the clan. If you repeatedly break rules, you also risk exclusion. 4. Going inactive without further notice will lead to kick out. 5. Don't ask for promotions. Ignoring this rule will lead to warn / kick out. 6. Leaving clan without further notice will lead to blacklist. 7. Be mature. For every [SSG] break rule, the clan member will be punished with 1,2 or 3 warning points. [SSG] Leadership has the right to modify these rules without further notice, so be sure to check them on time. Regards, SSG Staff!
  4. Don't trust everything You see. Even salt looks like sugar.

  5. ____________________________________________________________ This thread is for clan photos & videos! Just post your favorite moments with [SSG] below! _______________________________________________________________________
  6. Today i'll share our Discord IP, This will help us to be more organized https://discord.gg/Cx2CqK our Spy Department is also there, read our rules and also request roles in #general channel, refrain to join if you are not a member or you will be banned. Any question or comment about Discord server goes here.
  7. Kindly inform us of your inactivity to avoid demotion/ kick due to inactivity Name changes should also be notified A.S.A.P for updation Inactivity- In-Game Nick : Reason of Inactivity : Inactivity Period : Other Info : Name Change- Last nick: Current nick:
  8. -Cheats- KICK / BLACKLIST -Not respecting others- WARNED / KICK -Multi-accounts- WARNED /KICK -Abuse- WARNED / KICK -Base rape- WARNED / KICK -Advertising other servers- KICK / BLACKLIST -Disrespecting other players WARNED / KICK -Kill another [SSG] member WARNED / KICK -Not using [SSG] tag WARNED / KICK -Asking for promotions WARNED / KICK / DEMOTE _____________________________________________________________ -KICK Kick you from the clan -WARNED Ranked as WARNED MEMBERS in clan system, ready to be kicked with any other complaint so far
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