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    Apply here to Join us [Opened]

    Ingame name : [TP]Aim[B]ot Country name: Philippines Gender (Male/Female): Male Do you meet all clan requirements?: No... Sorry I am new in this server invited by bff (eut) xD Since when are you playing the server (DD/MM/YY):I just started this day <3 Do you accept all clan rules ? (Clan rules topic link): Yes Have you ever been banned ? if yes why? (If not N/A):Nope, I am clean af Screen shot of your ingame status:(edited) https://imgur.com/a/6HN8Pur Why would you like to join us ? :I would like to join the clan/gang because my bff is there and she invited me to join the clan/gang and also she invited me to play on this server its a nice server and I want to join because some members I know them because I already play with them at other server (dayz) What should we accept you ? : I hope you guys will accept me even I got mistakes cuz I already add tag even Im not yet accepted