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  1. please,need clan war and im ready for this

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    2. gam3rz.gaming


      ok phir 3 weeks bad mere exams hain

    3. _tekken_


      Kon si class ka ?

      Mera Bhi ha 10th ka

    4. gam3rz.gaming


      mere class 6th hai

  2. need clan war bro

  3. gam3rz.gaming

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    But my clan ranks is copral
  4. gam3rz.gaming

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    also need promotion
  5. gam3rz.gaming

    The Shadow Warriors

    In game name: gam3rz.gaming Suggested player's in game name:gam3rz.gaming Reason of suggestion:i need a clan for playing and i think that join a clan then i your clan Shadow Warriors i think to post an application that's why am posting a application

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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is a team death match server created on the GTA San Andreas Multiplayer platform. The server is active 24/7 and serves a lot of players in different timezones.