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  1. Furn

    Apply here to Join us [Opened]

    Ingame name : Furn Country name: India Gender (Male/Female): Male Do you meet all clan requirements?: Nope. Since when are you playing the server (DD/MM/YY): 31/08/2018 Do you accept all clan rules ?: Yes. Have you ever been banned ?: No Screen shot of your ingame status: Why would you like to join us ?: I'll be honest here, mainly because of Alphatester. I know him from some months now and I think ir's better to join his clan other than somebody because I don't want to join a clan which has a leader who dosen't care or just simply immature. Why should we accept you ?: I'll do my best in naming our clan the best in DW4 and help organize stuff. What gun are you amazing at ? (Rate yourself out of 10 using it): Swan offs, Mac 10s, Sniper. 7.8/10
  2. Furn

    Can You Do IT ? Tournament #1

    https://youtu.be/Ylfmzzbv2a0 32 Seconds Precisely. Strats from 00:10 finishes at 00:42 @Lord Rage Wolf
  3. Furn

    Can You Do IT ? Tournament #1

    Challenging, exciting tournament!