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  1. OFFICIAL CLAN RULES 1- You have to respect every member as well as Administrators of the server. 2- Using hacks will result you in ban from the clan. 3- If you will leave our clan without telling any of the founder you will be blacklisted 4- Don't try to annoy any of the member. 5- Abusing any player will result you in clan kick 6- Asking for promotion will lead you to demotion. 7- You have to be loyal and respectful 8- If you think there is an hacker in the server and admin is offline report him on forums so that we can get rid of hackers. 9- Racism is not allowed. If we saw you being racist to any of the member you will be demoted. 10- Follow all the rules of the server as well as our clan. NOTE: Obey and respect all the rules of our clan.
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