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  1. bakit ka nag resign whyyy

  2. Tonight, we hunt! Walk the killer's path because a true hunter never rests. There's the hunter and the haunted. Whose head shall we take? One by one, the scent of prey. Prey: Slayer Beast (DS Leader) - 50K + 50XP [DS]R3KT - 40K + 40XP Ohgeesy - 40K + 40XP [MW4]Lightning - 30K + 30XP Jehandad_Khan[DS] - 30K + 30XP [A]ssassin[DS] - 30K + 30XP Bonus: 1) Eliminating 1 specific target (means you will choose 1 target to kill) for 10times at the same hour will give you extra 70XP and 50K 2) Elimating them through headshot (50XP × 50K) 2) Eliminating them with knife (40XP + 50K 3) Eliminating them with Nutshot (30XP + 30K) Method: > Post your screenshot here with your IGN, Target's IGN and the weapon used. (Deathlist) > Post your screenshot of Nutshot, Knife kill, headshot and 10 times kill. The Hit List is now being handled by [eD]Quee n.Aeie[MW4], [MW4]P3pSy[eD] and [eD]H2O[MW4] El Diablos is unstoppable during Death Defied. Careful now, Diablos have your Blood Scent. Stay awhile and enjoy your Tempered Fate.
  3. The Tramps is now opened. Again. Join Us by applying. For those who are accepted, kindly message me in Discord so I can invite y'all in our own Discord channel. Pretty Aeie (Queen of OBR)#5498
  4. Our new in game ranks Rank 1 - Fresh Meat Rank 2 - Raider Rank 3 - Veteran Rank 4 - Rusty Devil Rank 5 - Los Banditos Rank 6 - The Overseer Open for suggestions.
  5. The Tramps is now officially back. Every one noticed that our Gang had been inactive for months for some reasons. But since I am here, I will be going to reopen our gang to public again. Everyone who wants to apply, you can message me directly or apply here in forum.
  6. PoTaeNa mo! Ano na naman 're? Tanginang 'to! And why is Mr. Bean your profile picture? WTF? HAHAHAHAHA! Fucker! 

    1. Hack[SOURCE]


      Hi Pretty cousin shhhh grabe ka naman saken :< can't you just support me> di kita lilibre sige ka :<

    2. Eminem


      oof  hi mga tropa

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