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  1. Ingame name : Exo Country name: Pakistan Gender (Male/Female): Male Do you meet all clan requirements?: Yes Since when are you playing the server (DD/MM/YY): 17 august Do you accept all clan rules ? (Clan rules topic link): yes Have you ever been banned ? if yes why? (If not N/A): No Screen shot of your ingame status: https://s33.postimg.cc/8fvmhtb5r/sa-mp-000.png Why would you like to join us ? : I like the clan very much i think i can learn too much more from here. Why should we accept you ? : I think i am good in all the ways i am friendly and i am a good teammate. What gun are you amazing at ? (Rate yourself out of 10 using it) I am good at sniper and i think 8.
  2. anyone here there are hackers in game 


    1. Revan


      Situation solved, thanks for informing.

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