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  1. Deadshot and Dejan_xxx have been blacklisted because of leaving the clan without notice.
  2. Black_[D]emon has been promoted to Leader[5]. [R]o[R]onoa_Zo[R]o has left the clan. New events are coming soon!
  3. Most Wanted Players In this topic will be provided the target names and the bounty on each player. There will be time until when you can eliminate those targets. Leaders and higher will update the list once previous targets time has expired. Good luck in hunting! The list Nick: Slayer aka Clementine Bounty: 50,000$ / If HS - 65,000$ Reason: Very annoying spy, says to never trust him. Show how big our trust is towards him! Nick: [MW4]Swanson Bounty: 100,000$ / If HS - 150,000$ Reason: Member of professional pilots clan [SAR], always flies in rustler, very annoying in air and comes down on ground very rarely. Show him that even air can't protect him! Nick: Dhia Bounty: 30,000 / If HS - 40,000 Reason: Breaks rules every time he got a chance. Teach him a lesson! Nick: [MW4]P3pSy Bounty: 65,000 / If HS - 75,000 Reason: Too much proud of his cat / gets drunk way too often. Nick: Dark_Pro Bounty: 45,000 / If HS - 55,000 Reason: Calls himself a "PRO" while being easy-target, also very annoying person. Get him! Format of receiving the prize: IG name: Target name: Proof: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Format for adding new targets [ by editing this topic ] Nick: Bounty: / [HS value] Reason: Those targets will expire after 2 weeks i.e 5th February. Have fun!!
  4. Ok We got active events and members are quite active
  5. @IndraJoined the clan and is now Founder Deputy Founder rank has been removed.
  6. @[MW4][C]lementine has left the clan. @Dark Pro has been kicked out of clan because of his immaturity.
  7. Resignation Format: In-Game nickname: Clan level: Reason for leaving: Any last words?:
  8. as_JOKER has joined back the clan. Keith_Savage has been promoted to Founder.
  9. [BLACKLIST] ASTA has been blacklisted from the clan. Reason: Leaving clan without notification.
  10. ASTA has left the clan [DW4]Aevanora has been promoted to Leader [5] [SSG]Azeem_ has been kicked out of the clan due to inactivity.
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