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  1. ride

    [SSG] || Clan Warning's.

    [BLACKLIST] ASTA has been blacklisted from the clan. Reason: Leaving clan without notification.
  2. ASTA has left the clan [DW4]Aevanora has been promoted to Leader [5] [SSG]Azeem_ has been kicked out of the clan due to inactivity.
  3. ride

    Can You Do IT ? Tournament #1

    Tournament has ended.
  4. ride

    Can You Do IT ? Tournament #1

    i made it finally ( watch from 8:26 - its too large to cut ) https://youtu.be/waoMh_t2bUE
  5. ride

    Can You Do IT ? Tournament #1

    Admins can try it too, right?

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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is a team death match server created on the GTA San Andreas Multiplayer platform. The server is active 24/7 and serves a lot of players in different timezones.