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  1. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    Special Service Group won the clan war!
  2. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    Accepted. Set a time with @ScreaM at which both clan members are able to participate. The day is Sunday 7:00 PM GMT +2.
  3. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    TP clan didn't come on time and 10K clan XP will be reduced. SSG leaders are required to clarify if they can participate: @bialwal_bhutto If not, clan tournament will be put on hold till other in-game clans participate.
  4. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    TP clan has to clarify if it's participating or not. If not, SSG will take it's place.
  5. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    Clan war will begin between [TP] and [VT]. For @DeadlyMagic[DM] and @ScreaM: Reply below if on Friday 7:00 PM GMT +2 all the clan members of both clans will be present in game.
  6. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    No more participants will be welcomed after 24 hours.
  7. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    (at least 6)
  8. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    Format to be used for participating:- _____________________________________________ In game name: Clan name: Participants names (at least 6): Weapon set (1-4): Substitutions (for absent members): Clan statistics screenshot:
  9. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    Greetings! Another clan tournament is starting soon, time is not set yet, however, clan leaders can apply for the tournament, when enough clans have participated (minimum 2), the clan tournament time will be decided. Weapon sets: Desert Eagle, Sniper, Combat Shotgun, Grenade Silenced Pistol, Sawn-off Shotgun, Tec-9, Country Rifle Desert Eagle, UZI, Sniper, Tear Gas Dual 9mm, Shotgun, Sniper, Grenade Clan leaders should decide their preferred weapons set within the application. Every clan should have at least 6 members who are willing to participate in the tournament on time. Three members will play a round and the other three will spectate. Substitutions are possible. Participating clans should be official (in game and on forum). General regulations: C-bug and 2-shots are allowed if both clans agree. If the clan members do not come on time, the clan will be removed from the war. If the clan leaders withdraw, the clan will lose 10,000 clan XP. If any clan member uses cheats, the clan will be removed from the server. V.I.P commands may not be used in the war (nor any rank abilities). More regulations may be added soon. How the tournament works: The tournament will have 12 rounds. A final round will be played in case the result is 6-6. Clan leaders can appoint other members if clan members don't come on time. The clan war arena will change every 3 rounds. Final round will be played in a special arena. Rewards for participating: 5000 Clan XP for the winning clan and 500 per round. $1,000,000 in the wallet of the winning clan. 1000 score for the winning clan members. Clan time will be decided when enough clans participate. Good luck everyone!
  10. H2O

    Can You Do IT ? Tournament #1

    This tournament is ending in 24 hours.
  11. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    SSG left the tournament due to internal issues. On the other hand, The Tramps won against Veterans (4-3)! Rewards have been given to the winners. Screenshot from the tournament:
  12. H2O

    Happy birthday ❤️


  13. H2O

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