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We are working on v7 now, be prepared!

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    • In game name: [A]ssassin[DS] Position (e.g. Top #1 Killer, Top #1 Loser): Top#3 Highest Spree Screenshot of your stats: https://imgur.com/a/c2wlHpI
    • In-Game Name : [A]ssassin[DS] Player's In-Game Name : Abrakadabra Reason of the complain : Teleport Hack Proof/Evidence : https://youtu.be/PIBbmejbOsQ
    • -1, Copied application, bad english. 
    • You have copied this app from other application of other server. It was weird that you can write in english this good here but lack english skills in-game so i copied your app text and saw it on another app in another community from 2013. You've fooled us once but it wont happen again. These ain't your words and i hate plagiars that can't write their own words. Edit your app within 24 hours with your own words or It will be denieded automaticly.
    • In game name: [A]sassin[DS] aka Black_[D]emon Timezone: GMT+1  Country and city: Algeria,Consantine How old are you? 14 years old When did you exactly join the community? [e.g Two weeks ago] 10/01/2019 Why would you like to join the staff? [Explain in atleast 100 words] To be Honest, it's Honor and pride for me to be one of the professional MW4 staff team, and it's horrible to play while hackers and rules breakers enjoy their time when no admins are online. many times I found that hackers come and they make other players leave the server but i can do nothing 😕 , this is why i made that admin application, to help other admins in cleaning the server from hackers, and to help newbies to enjoy the server. I am not busy And i have a lot of time to play on the server . And i usually report the hackers on forum but admins reply me too late ... and then the rules breakers enjoy playing on the server . and with that we can make MW4 one of the best servers in samp community. Been an administrator anywhere else? [Yes/No] Yes Your in game stats: [Provide screenshot]  https://imgur.com/a/bNrAEOu Any further comments? [Speak freely]. Nothing ...
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