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    • Thanks u @Rey_Mysterio, that's the idea. 👍
    • Alright, fair enough, guess I misunderstood some stuff in that case, hopefully the rules will be updated soon   You can discard and lock this report if you wish
    • Baseraping is considered when you shoot with heavy vehicles in any enemy base not just in that base i belong. The reason you weren't kicked out of vehicle was that you were out of base so you fired rockets at me and didn't get slapped out of your hunter. These rules are outdated and needs update, but anyways, you're not supposed to fire any heavy vehicle in enemy's base. Firing with heavy vehicles in your own base is ok.
    • Why you gotta be so rude tho   I got the "Please leave your vehicle" message after trying to join an event while in a vehicle   Yeah, it is hard to understand, because nowhere in the rules can I read out what you punished me for. The rules simply say "Don't baserape with hydra, hunter, rhino, sea-sparrow". Nowhere does it say that I can't kill you with a hunter when you're in an enemy base. Nor did I get any warnings for baserape, so it must've been legit, right? You saw that I wasn't slapped after I damaged you and you decided to go with jailing me regardless.     You were not in your base, you were in an enemy base.  
    • if this is near the terro base then you might be blind, so buy glasses to prevent this happening again.   Also seems like you don't quite don't understand what is baseraping after explaining you that this many times. You can't shoot in any of enemy bases with heave vehicles. And i was in terro base. So what don't you get it? Is it so damn hard to understand? Also that "Please leave your vehicle" just proved that you did baserape. Also, i don't give a damn about deaths since it's just a game.
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