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v7 coming soon

We are working on v7 now, be prepared!

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  • Our Servers

      Status IP Address Server Name Current Map Players Owner More
    samp Online SWAT vs Terrorists San Andreas
    San Andreas
    15 / 60
    Player Name Score
    [MW4]SKAY 88720 frags
    [eD]Fado 1732 frags
    ylli 13 frags
    ShaRon 1194 frags
    MakeItReal786 49 frags
    Indra 897 frags
    AlexjSuper 155 frags
    JuanPablo022 48 frags
    A7X 86 frags
    Cristian_Corleone 2325 frags
    Ashish 42 frags
    [R]o[R]onoa_Zo[R]o 7118 frags
    [MW4]Lightning 28352 frags
    Conor_Maximiliano 93 frags
    _GuitarX 7050 frags
    Fill servers: 25%
    Total Servers: 1 Online Servers: 1 Total Players: 15 Total Slots: 60 Most Players: 44 Last Updated:
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The glorious moments of MW4 and top players.

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